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Verbier Summits | Survey Results

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1. Did you discover Verbier Summits for the 1st time when using your BuyClub voucher?

Answered: 7 Skipped: 0

2. Would you recommend Verbier Summits to others?

Answered: 7 Skipped: 0
It was definitely a must to experience this at least once in your life ;)
It was a great experience.

3. One thing you especially liked about Verbier Summits

Answered: 7 Skipped: 0
The team of instructors, very helpful, friendly and well organized!
Mike was very friendly and reassuring throughout the whole process.
Very friendly customer service
Good communication, cheerful and inspired confidence.
Le paysage est incroyable
Our instructors were very good at communication and making the entire ride a joyful experience.
Very friendly staff and great experience. They made you feel safe and have fun.

4. One thing Verbier Summits could improve on

Answered: 1 Skipped: 6
Nothing. Continue on

5. Do you think you'll return to Verbier Summits in the future, even without a BuyClub voucher?

Answered: 7 Skipped: 0
We will be definitely be back
I may return if there is another voucher.

6. Any other comments to BuyClub or to Verbier Summits?

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